Anastasia Wick

*1992 in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

In her oeuvre, Anastasia Wick uses intuitive or affective approaches to installations, performance and media art. Her main theme is movement and change in a physical and temporal sense. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, of the development of one’s own sensory perception. A soft, colorful tufted object, suspended and bound with steel chains.

The artist sees her work as a call to live beyond the binary. When mental energy transforms into physical movement, when we drop the chains, we can enter a new form of life full of ease and joy and explore everything anew.


2023 annual exhibition AdbK Nuremberg

2022 Art Association, Nuremberg

2022 Academy Gallery, Nuremberg

2021 Kulturladen Zeltnerschloss (online), Nuremberg

2020 The showcase, Nuremberg/Berlin


2021 Karlsruhe Scholarship Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and Art


since 2019 Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg

2022/23 Visiting student, Karlsruhe State University of Design

2017 First state examination in law, University of Hamburg