Annika Krüdewagen

*2001 in Dortmund, Germany

“We are afraid of what is not there but what we think we see. You lie in bed and seem to sense that you are not alone… The fear is real and so will your monsters. I decided that my monster would be pink. So I want to become aware of my fear and make it tangible so that I can deal with it.”

The monster not only becomes visible, it becomes a friend, a dear companion. Because what we can see, feel, touch and get to know quickly loses the terror of the unknown.


2023-2024 annual exhibition of the Muenster Art Academy

2023 HAFENWEG 22 Installation of the 22 m high “Pink Friend” sculpture, Muenster


since 2021 Münster Art Academy – University of Fine Arts

2020-2021 voluntary ecological year, UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, Wilhelmshafen


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