Aya Onodera

*1984 in Kesennuma, Japan

“I sink into a painting with my whole body, I find myself in a perfect refuge, undisturbed. The heart falls silent and enters a meditative, almost spiritual state. Then the flickering of a shooting star, cell divisions and transient lights appear, as if they respond to landscapes, to feelings, to the body and to life. Textures, colors and fine drawings merge on paper and canvas. Many different fragments of the world have touched my senses, and they all appear in my painting, a perfect refuge for my heart…” Aya Onodera.


2023 Turnaround gallery, Sendai, Japan

2022 RL16 Berlin 2022 Hyper Cultural Passengers e.V., Hamburg, Germany

2019 Aya Onodera solo show Rias Ark Museum of Art, Kesennuma, Japan

2019 Turnaround gallery, Sendai, Japan

2019 Transmitter, Berlin, Germany

2016 Iksan Creation Center, Somrigol Gallery, South Korea

2016 2nd Art Residency Festival, Iksan Arts Museum, Jeonbuk, South Korea

2016 E127 Iksan culture house, South Korea

2014 Locus Designatus, Berlin, Germany

2014 Japanese-German Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2011 G11 Gallery Berlin, Germany

2011 Cotton spinning mill, Leipzig, Germany

2009 kunstverein greven e.V., Greven, Germany

2009 Pro Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

2008 Lindenfels West Wing, Leipzig, Germany

2007 Kunstraum t27 e.V, Berlin, Germany

2006 Gallery H17, Vienna, Austria

2005 Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan


2022 Grant Nomura Foundation, Nomura/Japan

2020 Grant Istyle Art Foundation, Nomura/Japan

2018 Grant Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Nomura/Japan

2018 Artist Resedency, Benaco Arte, Sirmione, Italy

2016 Artist Resedency, Iksan creation center, South Korea

2016 Case Sparse Residenza Artistica, Malonno, Italy

2013 Artist Residency, PHYSIS, Veria, Greece

2011-2012 Overseas Study Program, Cultural Office, Japan

2008 LIA – International Art Program, Leipzig, Germany

2005 Research Prize, Joshibi College Art & Design, Tokyo


Since 2021 master student at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts

2011 Fine Arts graduate with Prof. Burkhard Held, Berlin University of the Arts

2005 Bachelor of Arts in Design and Art, Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design, Tokyo