Carolin Ayllón Nuyken

*1998 in Lima, Peru

Memory, identity, uncertainty and a sense of belonging are central components of Carolin Ayllón Nuyken’s work, as is the relationship between humans and nature. The focus is on the solitude and contemplation of the individual in the face of the immensity of the natural environment. The artist prefers to refer to places to which she feels a spiritual connection. She calls her works “mental landscapes”. Not only should the external beauty of nature be emphasized, she wants to “open a door that allows the viewer to immerse themselves in a world and lose themselves in it.”


2021-2023 annual exhibition HBK Essen

2021-2023 exhibitions in the campus hall, HBK Essen

2022 HBK Essen funding award exhibition

2022 WOGA – Roof of the City, Wuppertal

2022 Boda Weinhaus, Wuppertal


2022 Nomination for the “Förderpreis für Kunst und Design” from HBK Friends e.V.

2021/2022 Deutschlandstipendium


since 2020 Essen University of Fine Arts, Germany

2017-2018 Corriente Alterna Art Academy, Lima, Peru