Gabriel Hahner

*1997 in Fulda, Germany

Gabriel Hahner designs masks and puppets or “creatures” with which he performs, stages them in specially created scenes and manages to make these creatures that represent himself and society appear grotesque and lovely at the same time. He discusses themes of the past and present, decadence and romantic nostalgia. His personal biographical story inevitably brings his own perception of everyday domestic life and the experiences of queer existence to the fore.


2024 Kunstmuseum Bochum

2019-2023 annual exhibitions Muenster Art Academy

2023 Ateliergemeinschaft Schulstrasse Muenster

2023 Salzburg Summer Academy

2023 Klingspor Museum Offenbach

2022 “Bookbau” festival, Karlsruhe

2021 Wewerka Pavilion Muenster

2020 FAK Muenster

2020 INsight, Cologne

2018 Triptichon Münster

2018 Art Space London, UK


2023 graduate of the Münster Art Academy – University of Fine Arts