Hannah Römer

*1999 in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany

In her artistic work, Hannah Römer deals with same-sex – especially lesbian – love. She allegorically refers to ancient mythological stories that symbolize universal human experiences.

The mythical figure of the siren – a monster whose sole goal is to lure helpless men to their doom with her song – is one of the oldest femme fatales. But in the relationship between two women, the dynamic between the femme fatale and her victim becomes increasingly blurred. Which of the characters is captivated by the other? What kind of desires and feelings does the siren have that seems to be calling out to her companion who is turning away?


2022 Kunstverein Böblingen

2022 Kultur am Kelterberg Vaihingen

2022 Historische Straßenbahn Linie 1, Ulm

2022 Kunstraum34, Stuttgart

2023 Künstlerhaus Ulm

2023 Gewerkschaftshaus Stuttgart

2023 Galerie Z, Stuttgart


since 2018 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart