Jascha Wolfram

*1992 in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Jascha Wolfram sees his works, which are borrowed from the comic world, as metaphors that express the essence of a thing in a different form. Comic language makes it possible to create easy-to-read metaphors that are almost universally understood. Transferred to the large canvas format, the motif that was previously perceived as trivial becomes impressive gallery art.

A particularly beautiful example of this is Jascha Wolfram’s work “Kälteeinbruch (Cold Break)”. Kaflaaatsch! Brombel! Triggered by global warming, an avalanche of snow and ice rushes down the valley, burying a truck carrying a parade. The fish in the aquarium can hardly enjoy their newfound freedom because they have already been discovered by the flying seagulls. Stop! Seagulls in the mountains? Maybe climate change is already more advanced than we think…


2023 diploma exhibition, HfBK Dresden

2021 Albrechtsburg, Meissen

2020 two exhibitions Hole of Fame, Dresden

2019 Senate Hall, HfBK Dresden

2019 District Office 16th District, Vienna

2018-2021 Café ascii, Dresden

2018 Platform 1, Waldenburg

2015 two exhibitions at the Bahnhofsgalerie, Schwäbisch Hall


2023 Saxon State Scholarship


since 2016 Dresden University of Fine Arts