Jianan Ning

*1987 in Jiangsu, China

In his works, Jianan Ning processes personal migration experiences and questions about cultural identity and recognition. He is particularly interested in the fragile relationship between nature and the rapidly growing economy and society in East Asia. In “Mountains in the old days” he combines hand-made porcelain with traditional Chinese landscape painting, as typical historical representatives of Chinese culture. He uses this to create broken red and white barrier tape as a warning symbol to modern urban society.

He replaces the colored parts of the volume with fragmentary landscape paintings as a metaphor for the historical connection between nature and the socio-political development of East Asia. The barrier tape becomes an appeal to respect nature and old traditions and to protect them from further destruction.


2023 Glue Factory, Glasgow, Schottland

2023 International Young Talents of Ceramics, Iznang

2023 Korean culture centre, Berlin

2020-2023 annual exhibitions HfbK Hamburg

2022 Hinterconti, Hamburg

2022 Frechener Keramikpreis 2022, Frechen

2017 BaiJia Lake Museum, Nanjing, China

2015 Graduation show, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

2015 Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China


2023 Nomination for international young talent award for ceramic art Iznang

2022 Deutschlandstipendium 2022/23, Hamburg

2022 Nomination ceramic art award Frechen

2022 Nomination Achievement Grants, Hamburg


since 2019 University of Fine Arts Hamburg

2008- 2015 Master of Fine Arts, Renmin University of China


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