Karolin Nirschl

*1988 in Regensburg, Germany

Smooth, ground, flat, with fine structures, extracted from different geological rock formations – pebbles in rivers are the results of extraordinary physical forces that, over time, have melted, pressed and left traces of grinding different mineral elements. Every single pebble reminds us of the forces of nature that created it.

Karolin Nirschl makes these manifestations of nature the subject of her art. With a microscopically precise look at texture and material structures, she transfers them to paper and canvas, enlarges the view and makes the entire beauty of nature visible. In this way, she sharpens the view of the small, great wonders of nature and at the same time creates works full of contemplative peace that invite you to rest.


2023 Center for Advanced Studies, Munich, Germany

2017-2023 annual exhibitions AdBK Munich, Germany

2023“ iRRland 2, Munich, Germany

2022 Young art in the headquarters of the IHK Munich, Germany

2022 Area Manca & BosqueRreal, Zurich, Switzerland

2021 Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

2017-2021 auctions, Academy Association AdBK Munich, Germany

2021 Versus Gallery Munich, Germany

2020 SHOWCASE_20A, Munich, Germany

2020 ille Galerie, Munich, Germany

2020 Forum Schwanthalerhöhe, Munich, Germany

2020 Stoa169, Polling, Germany


Study funding from the Adolf and Erna Angrüner Foundation, Bad Abbach

2020 scholarship ‘Young Art and New Paths’ from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art


since 2016 Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Germany

2009 -2015 studied art history, art education and philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany