Keith Haring

1990 in New York, USA

Keith Haring is still considered an icon of the New York graffiti scene and had a significant influence on Pop Art in the 1980s. Already in his youth, Haring dedicated himself to drawing comic characters and he remained faithful to this imagery until his death. He is known for his drawings in public spaces with iconic figures that are reminiscent of cave paintings in their reduction. His simple imagery made his works timeless, but they often address subtle social criticism.


Haring was not only a representative of Pop Art, his art also had a political level on which he confronted people with socially critical discourses. He is dedicated to issues of social justice and unequivocally opposed homophobia, racism and illiteracy. In particular, his art dealt with the HIV virus that emerged in the 1980s, raising awareness, fighting for the rights of infected people and addressing the taboo topic in his art. During his lifetime he founded the non-profit Keith Haring Foundation and took part in the Widespread campaign for AIDS prevention. In 1990, Haring himself succumbed to the effects of AIDS.


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