*1998 in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany

In her work, Krowni specifically deals with pop culture, feminism, fluidity, post-binary identities and realities of life that are often not made visible. The work “The three disgraces” shows a new interpretation of the three graces known from Greek mythology. They are considered a symbol of joy, beauty, arts and fertility. In contrast to other well-known depictions, the figures here are not depicted unclothed and exultant, but rather sitting lazily on the couch, bored by admiring glances.

“To be a woman is to perform” describes the need of many women to constantly present themselves, to look at themselves from the outside and to mask themselves at the expense of their own identity. The characters in the picture defy these subconscious habits and defend themselves against the male gaze within a patriarchal society. The title alludes to the type of condemnation that women and girls face when they deviate from expectations.


2024 Better Go South Galerie, Stuttgart

2023 Coworking Gallery by B, Stuttgart

2023 Czapski Palast, Warschau/Polen

2023 Studio Amore, Stuttgart

2021 Rathaus Titisee-Neustadt

2021 Frauenzentrum, Stuttgart

2021 Kunstbezirk, Stuttgart

2019 Jubiläumsausstellung, Rathaus Löffingen


2022 Promotion award jung+gegenständlich, Galerie Bodenseekreis, Meersburg


since 2019 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart


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