German street artist of international standing

L.E.T. (abbreviation for “Les Enfants Terribles”) is a street artist from the very beginning. Since 1992 – almost as long as the legendary Banksy – he has been actively shaping the streets of his home city of DĂĽsseldorf.

In high demand – L.E.T.’s street art paste-ups

L.E.T. sprays his motifs on paper, cuts them out and then puts them up as paste-ups. Unfortunately, his motifs are not usually seen on the street for long – street art hunters patiently remove the motifs at night to secure his coveted motifs. Today, L.E.T. is regarded as one of the best and most creative street art artists from Germany and is also highly regarded internationally.
Humorous and socially critical: the pictorial world of L.E.T.

In his motifs, he takes up all pictorial elements, including well-known subjects, which he adds his strikingly charming and provocative statements to, thus giving them a new meaning. Black and white figures with few – if any – color accents make the statement stand out. And it is always the themes of our time that L.E.T. takes a critical look at, thus exposing the abuses of our consumer and fun society in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Rapid value development

L.E.T.’s artistic significance is constantly increasing through worldwide exhibitions and street artist conventions. His works are also increasingly appearing at auctions – usually at many times the original price!