Leona Egelkamp

*1998 in Rheine, Germany

What laws govern material when it is transformed into a new context? Inspired by foam and bubbles, shapes and structures emerge. The rock-like bubble formations seem to float in space and yet appear heavy, as if they were about to fall.

The scene appears like a snapshot, time seems to have stopped. What is real? The contrast between artistic transformation and expected reality is intended to sharpen the viewer’s sensitivity.


2021-2024 annual exhibition at the Münster Art Academy

2023 Showroom art collective FREETERS, Bonn

2023 57th Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


since 2023, master student at the Münster Art Academy

2018-2023 Bachelor of Arts Academy Münster

since 2018 studying English and Educational Sciences for Teaching, Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster