Maya Beckbissinger

*1999 in Muehlacker, Germany

Nature, its fragility and vulnerability, at the same time its primal power, nature as the basis and donor of all life – this is how Maya Beckbissinger’s theme of work could be described. She lovingly takes the grasses that she finds in nature and weaves them into a delicate, transparent carpet, placing it in the light like a canopy. It shows us the delicate structure of the grasses in their fragility and beauty – and their astonishing stability.

With her quiet installations, Maya Beckbissinger makes visible the natural wonders that grow around us, showing us nature as the great architect of our existence. And thus appeals to us to take a closer look and preserve nature in its beauty.


2021-2023 annual exhibition ABK Stuttgart

2022 Galerie Hausgeburt, Stuttgart

2022 Altes Schlachthaus, Kunstverein Neckar-Odenwald e.V., Moosbach


since 2020 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart