Namju Lee

*1992 in Busan, South Korea

With her paintings, Namju Lee explores the possibilities and limits of human perception. Art becomes a means of closing the gap between reality and our own consciousness. “Painting is a process that starts from the minimum and finds the infinite therein.”

“Forever” is a dream image in which memory, space and time mix. “Time no longer flows in a straight line. For me it is like a collection of different points that coexist in a space without any hierarchy or priority. Just as every person has their own sleep and their own dreams, time passes differently for everyone. Painting is the overlay of these different perceptions of time and, above all, the medium through which I understand the world.”


2023 CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea

2023 TANKE e.V., Hannover

2022 Rome University of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy

2021 Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden

2020 zwei Ausstellungen HfBK Dresden

2015 Gallery Idm, Busan, South Korea

2011 Art Mediate Space (SSAM), Busan , South Korea


since 2018 Dresden University of Fine Arts

2010-2014 Pusan National University, Glass and Metal Design, South Korea