Planetary Intimacies

*1989 in Nuremberg, Germany

Planetary Intimacies – both an artist name and a field research project – explores new ways of accessing the Anthropocene with installation-based landscape painting and experimental cartography. Planetary Intimacies combines painting and photography.

Translucent polyester as a carrier material allows for transparency and opacity. Color not only serves to create what is visible, but also to hide it. By applying light-sensitive silver emulsion, moments of melting ice are exposed to the prepared surface. This process captures the dynamism and fragility of disappearing glacial landscapes – in this case the glaciers of Iceland.


2024 Erlangen Art Museum

2024 Wolfenbüttel Art Association

2023 Galvani Gallery, Nuremberg

2023 The Umbrella Arts Center, Concord, Massachusetts, USA

2023 Academy Gallery Nuremberg

2023 Circolo Gardena, Val Gardena, Tyrol, Austria

2022 LEONARDO Center for Creativity and Innovation, Nuremberg

2022 Art Academy Bad Reichenhall

2022 Academy Gallery, Nuremberg

2021 Cultural Greenhouse Fürth

2019 Grabowsee Sanatorium, Oranienburg

2018 Museo de Bellas Artes Laureano Brizuela, Catamarca, Argentina


2021+2022 study visits to Iceland

2020 Research Trip, Kyrgyzstan

2020 study visit Norway

2019 Grabowsee Residency & Community, Berlin

2018 CIMA Residency, Mountain Research and Art Center, Argentina


since 2020 Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg