Rico Mehler

*1998 in Salzgitter, Germany

Where does the natural form begin and where does it end?

Between autobiographically influenced, phantasmagorical environments of flooded fields, forests on the side of the road, roads that lead to nowhere and places that defy spatial classification, the multimedia installation “I think I was once a Car” negotiates body representations that are influenced by the human form are detached.

Accompanied by a partly AI-generated, partly self-written text, the self alternates between machines and hybrid beings that depict the boundaries of one’s own body as fluid and immaterial: “i could take on a new shape or fall”.


2023 Hiscox Art Prize, ICAT of the HfBK Hamburg

2023 OPYUM 023.13 Rue Belhomme, Paris

2023 Bonn Art Museum, Bonn

2022 OPYUM 022 – Empathy, 3537, Paris


2023 Hiscox Art Prize 2023, ICAT of the HfBK Hamburg


since 2021 Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

2017-2021 Bachelor of Arts, Film Studies and Art History, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz


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