Roy Lichtenstein

1923 in New York, USA – 1997 in New York, USA

Roy Lichtenstein, born in New York in 1923, was, alongside Andy Warhol, the most famous representative of Pop Art. He became famous for his large-scale implementation of comic drawings, enlarging the halftone dots typical of newspaper offset printing and combining them with flat hard edge painting to create his own stylistic device. Unlike Warhol, he did not use screen printing for his canvas paintings, but painted classically by hand. His role models were Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Piet Mondrian, to whom he also dedicated famous homages.


Roy Lichtenstein – hand-signed editions and rarities from the king of Pop Art

At the beginning of the 1960s, Lichtenstein developed his typical style: rough grids and excerpts from the banal world of consumerism, comics and advertising. The enlargement and simplification of familiar objects was intended to encourage a new way of seeing. Lichtenstein’s works are a central component in the largest museums in the world. His pictures and screen-printed editions constantly achieve new record results at auctions. Like Picasso and Chagall, there is also a separate catalog raisonné for his exhibition posters, which, like his graphics, were mostly produced as high-quality screen prints. Many of them were hand-signed by Lichtenstein at book signings at openings.


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