Salomé Berger

*1990 in Bern, Switzerland

Based on collage, Salomé Berger combines plant and body fragments with landscapes and organic forms in her works. This creates new worlds that appear familiar, but on the other hand have surreal features.

The sometimes paradisiacal, sometimes dystopian-looking paintings show a play of alternately loosening and condensing compositions. The screen becomes an intimate stage on which everything follows an immanent rhythm and at the same time oscillates between naturalism and synthesis.


2024 Forum Kunst Rottweil

2024 DIE GROSSE, Kunstpalast Duesseldorf

2023 Kunstverein Greven

2023 Burg Foyer, Altena

023 Kunstraum franz*, Dorsten

2023 sponsorship exhibition of the Friends of the Muenster Art Academy, Kunsthalle Münster

2022 POP UP, Voßgasse 3, Muenster

2021 Valentine Rothe Prize, Frauenmuseum Bonn

2021 Sino-German Art Exhibition, Hismoon Gallery, Taicang, China

2021 Workshop e.V., Gelsenkirchen

2020 Ibbenbüren Art Association

2020 Art Association Duisburg

2019 Artists’ Association Malkasten, Duesseldorf

2019 DIE GROSSE, Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf

2019 Titanickhalle, Münster

2018 Galerie Hovestadt, Nottuln

2018 Art Association Duisburg

2018 Andreas Art Prize, Town Hall, St. Andreasberg

2018 Gravenhorst Monastery, Hoerstel

2018 Ahlen Art Association

2017 Hamm Art Association

2016 Ibbenbueren Art Association

2015 Oh La Art Space, Shanghai


2023 Artist in Residence, Workshop e.V., Altena

2022 DAAD completion scholarship at the Muenster Art Academy

2021 Travel Scholarship at the Muenster Art Academy

2020 Artist in Residence, Kunstverein Duisburg

2020 studio scholarship, workshop e.V., Gelsenkirchen

2018 3rd place Andreas Art Prize, St. Andreasberg


since 2013 Kunstakademie Münster – Hochschule für bildende Künste