Shizuka Uemura

*1989 in Mie, Japan

Shizuka Uemura is a representative of the new Informel, Neo-Tachism. It follows the principle of formlessness and moves in the field of tension between the dissolution of form and the creation of form. She lets the colors flow spontaneously, following the processes of the subconscious. Amid the layers of colors that mix like smoke, the boundary between self and subject becomes blurred.


2023 Philara Collection, Düsseldorf

2022 CCA ANDRATX, Mallorca, Spain

2021 SITTart Gallery, Düsseldorf

2020 AStA exhibition room, Düsseldorf

2019 Düsseldorf represent and convey e.V., Düsseldorf

2018 Werkladen Conzen Kunst Service GmbH, Cologne

2016 ArToll-Kunstlabor e.V., Bedburg-Hau

2013 YEBISU ART LABO, Aichi, Japan

2012 art award tokyo marunouchi

2012, Gyoukouchika Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012 ART LAB AICHI, Aichi, Japan


2012 Izumi Kato Prize, Tokyo, Japan

2012 art award tokyo marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan


2023 graduate of the Düsseldorf Art Academy

2012 Bachelor of Arts, Painting, Nagoya University of Art, Japan


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