Si Cheng

*1994 in Xinjiang, China

The octopus is a highly intelligent creature. Due to its complex nervous system and flexible tentacles, the octopus is considered the animal with the greatest potential to establish an underwater civilization.

This is prevented by the octopus’ reproductive strategy. These animals only reproduce once in their lives; After mating, the male dies and the female lays a large number of eggs. Afterwards, the mother abstains from food and guards the eggs by constantly moving her tentacles to supply the eggs with oxygen. Shortly before the young hatch, the mother also starves to death. The passing on of memory, experience and knowledge becomes impossible – the same story always repeats itself.

In “Lost Memories,” organic foam shapes symbolize the body of the octopus sinking to the sea ground. The thin materials of the eggshells made from handmade Kozo paper react extremely sensitively to air currents. Even the movement of air from passing spectators causes them to sway gently, similar to the movements of their mother’s tentacles. This interaction is a reminder that without intergenerational memory, our civilization might be lost – as with our intelligent sea creatures.


2023 “Academy POSITIONS” art fair POSITIONS, Berlin

2023 Galerie Drei, Dresden / Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin

2023, Dresden

2022 Chinese Pavilion, Dresden

2021 Dongzhart Contemporary Art Center, Jiaxing, China

2019 Weserhalle, Berlin


2023 Hegenbarth Scholarship from the Dresden Art & Culture Foundation of the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

2022/23 Deutschlandstipendium


since 2023, master student at the Dresden University of Fine Arts

2018-2023 Diploma studies Dresden University of Fine Arts

2012-2016 Visual Communication, Xiamen University, China


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