Sina Yome Link

*1994 in Goettingen, Germany

A central element in Sina Yome Link’s work is the variability of vision. From what perspective do we see the world? What can we know? What are we missing?

In her works, the motif is often hidden at first glance and only becomes apparent through participation or from a different perspective. Seeing requires active action. Only when photographed with a flash does the printed negative of the work transform into a positive. In a fleeting, reversible process, the motif becomes visible through light.

The true nature of the Mediterranean only becomes visible through the use of a camera flash. Then the seemingly calm surface of the sea becomes a turbulent, threatening sea, dangerous and deadly.

Sina Yome Link’s works impressively deal with the situation of refugees on the Mediterranean. They address the (un)representability of human suffering and the limits of photography.


2023 Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation, Berlin

2023 Liebermann Villa, Berlin

2022 nyg-west, Leipzig

2022 Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation, Berlin

2021 Museum of Photography, Berlin

2021 Kleist Park, Berlin

2020 oqbo, Berlin

2019 Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam, Berlin

2018 Bar Babette, Berlin

2017 Gallery Burster, Berlin

2017 Bethanien, Berlin


2022 IBB Prize for Photography

2021/22 scholarship, Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation


2023 graduate of the Berlin University of the Arts