Waed Alhajj

*1992 in Salamyia, Syria

Waed Alhajj’s sculptures are portraits of people and conditions, sometimes humorous, sometimes sarcastically revealed. The mass of clay becomes the mass of people, not idealized bodies, but symbols of joy, suffering and love.

In the animated film “Fluchtweg,” made in 2022, and the award-winning sequel “Fluchtweg 2,” the artist recalls his emigration to Germany, “the path you didn’t choose.” The film “Escape Route 2” consists of 2046 photos of specially created and repeatedly changed sound reliefs. “The war is terrible. What remains from all this devastation are only the memories, the love and the dreams packed into a small bag…”


2020 Cultural Cabinet KTT

2019 Weissenhof Museum Stuttgart

2018 “Hardly Hard Working” Freiburg

2016 Ribingurumu Stuttgart


2023 Academy Prize of the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart for the bachelor’s thesis “Escape Route 2”


State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

since 2023 Master of Education – Artistic Teaching with Fine Arts, ABK Stuttgart

2019-2023 Bachelor of Fine Arts, ABK Stuttgart

2020-2023 Partial course in Intermedia Design, ABK Stuttgart

2010-2015 Bachelor Degree of Fine and Applied Arts, Aleppo University, Syria


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