Joseph Beuys

Cat.Rais. Schellmann 308, roman numbered museum edition
The work begins with the words “Glacier – Sponge – Deathbed”, then turns into a poem: “Dragonland is still alive, / Dragonland is still alive. / You still see Dragonland, / from the feces desert / and Dragonland ferry / to Dragonland. Below the words: roses / virgin / non puttane (no whores) / non madonne (no Madonnas) / solo donne (just women)

Beuys refers to mystification. Part 1 with the “Glacier – Sponge – Deathbed” describes the circle of life. In part 2 he describes the dragon land as a symbol of fantasy, mythology and the world of old legends. Part 3 describes the woman as a mythically worshiped creature: the Rose Madonna. But in the end the myth dissolves – in the end there are no whores, no saints, just women.