Rupprecht Geiger

Cat.Rais. Paul Eubel – Bilder für den Himmel, 2000, S. 146-149

Rupprecht Geiger traveled to Japan several times: in 1986 as part of an exhibition at the Seiji Togo Art Museum in Tokyo and in 1988 at the Goethe-InsDtut Osaka for the exhibition “Paintings for the sky. Art kites”. For this purpose, Geiger created his “red kite” and put the colors pink and red together in two different rectangular shapes. The resulting shape of an almost square element with a rectangle placed on top is cleverly integrated into his work of this time, but at the same time evokes the shape of a traditional Japanese dragon type of Sodedako, which owes its name to a kimono-like piece of clothing. Sode kites were built for the birth of a male descendant and are considered particularly lucky.

Provenance: art kite Museum, Detmold. Art Kite Collection “Paintings for the Sky”